Health Benefits

When pets are fed well, they feel well. Simple as that.

At Doggiecatessen, we believe that diet is a major contributing factor to good health and wellbeing. Through food therapy we can help our pets recover from the numerous chronic adverse effects our pets have been experiencing due to poor nutrition. We realize how important a diet is to stay healthy for us humans - and it's time for us to understand that the same notion holds true for our four legged companions. Dogs deserve healthy dog food and cats deserve healthy cat food - it's very simple! Join the Fresh Food Revolution and let's make a change for the better together! 
Here’s how a fresh food diet can aid in improving your pet’s health:


Doggiecatessen Health Benefits Energy Vitality Wellbeing

Doggiecatessen Improved Immune Health Doggiecatessen Practical Weight Management




Due to fresh foods having higher digestibility rates, as well as precisely portioned meals based on your pet’s specific daily caloric needs - your pet’s body will be wasting less energy on the exhaustive process of digestion and possessing much more energy to do the things they love!

Doggiecatessen pet food is abundant in vitamins A, E, D, and the mineral Zinc – the nutrients that all play integral roles of a well-functioning immune system. And when the immune system is strong and healthy, your pet is best equipped to handle any of life’s curveballs.

Our individualized approach to feeding dogs and cats allows overweight pets to lose weight and underweight pets to gain weight – with the ultimate goal of keeping pets fit and maintaining their ideal body weight for life.

Doggiecatessen Relieve for Food Intolerances Doggiecatessen Healthy Skin Fur Eyes Doggiecatessen Less Waste Firm Poop




All of our recipes have been formulated with keeping in mind the real problem of food intolerances amongst many pets. In our diets, we try to use only the mildest and most benign ingredients. We never use any harsh additives, preservatives, or colorants. Because we cook with real food ingredients – that alone can help alleviate many, if not most food intolerance symptoms.

Appearance is not only important for self-esteem, but is often the first indicator of good health. That’s why we’ve jam-packed our food with essential fatty acids from fish oils, amino acids from quality meats, and balanced amounts of vitamin A, B vitamins and zinc - to help attain healthier skin, coat, and eyes.

Because we do not include any extra dietary fiber that is beyond what is necessary for a healthy gut, many of our clients report noticing more compact and less foul-smelling bowel movements in their pets. That means less mess for you to clean up and fewer poop bags for the environment to deal with!


Doggiecatessen Greatest Wish

Doggiecatessen’s greatest aspiration is to provide your animal with a sound foundation for health and longevity through solid nutrition and individualized approach to feeding. By eating healthy, natural and fresh pet food, your animal will reap all the benefits Mother Nature intended! We hope that your trust in us will help you to take care of your pet in the best way possible – for many years to come. Healthy pet food has great capacity to transform your pet's life in many tangible ways!