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Doggiecatessen wasn't built in a day

The concept of a pet kitchen popped into our minds in a single, quick moment, yet it took us many years of research and education to finally commit to the goal of creating Doggiecatessen Homestyle Pet Kitchen. Even though our journey has been a long and trying one at times, overall it has enlightened and enlivened us to continue striving forward. And right now, we are absolutely thrilled that our foundation has been finally built and the stage is set to begin sharing our expertise and knowledge with those who want to improve their pet's wellbeing. Only together can we make a true difference in our pets' lives!

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Positive Vibes. Big Goals.

At Doggiecatessen, we strongly believe that what you put out into the world is exactly what you receive back. That's why we adhere to the following virtues: 


We aim to create a positive experience for all who come to us for help and advice. We are always glad to help solve any of your pet's issues concerning nutrition. 


We try to be an open book by answering all questions and presenting our food in a realistic light. We like to say that with us, what you see is what you get, so find out for yourselves! We also do not claim to know everything, and therefore we invite you to continue learning together. 


We are a family business, so we try to treat everyone as part of our big family. We're all invested in making our pet's lives healthier, and only through mutual respect can we achieve that and more!

Our Goals

  1. To provide pet owners with a viable alternative feeding model,
  2. To enliven pets’ diets with quality and variety,
  3. To educate pet owners on the many benefits of a well-formulated, gently-cooked diet made with high quality, nutritious ingredients, 
  4. To help those pets that are currently struggling due to their diets, whether they're fed commercial kibble, canned, or raw, and
  5. To make the switch to a real food diet as convenient as possible by individualizing the feeding approach, by preparing gently-cooked, fresh dog and cat food for each specific pet customer, and by providing on-going support to our pet parents.

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We’re just searching for our spot under the sun

Doggiecatessen was not created to change anyone’s mind or to sway people into our model of feeding. We simply would like to offer an alternative; another way to look at pet nutrition and to examine what role diet plays in the well-being of our pets. 
We’re still in our infancy. Figuratively speaking, we just dipped our paws into a big and saturated sea that is the pet food market, and we’re hoping we will stay afloat through our commitment to our customers, our attention to detail, our focus on constantly improving, and our motivation to cooking awesome hand-prepared dog and cat food for deserving pets. 

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Real food deserves no imitation

At Doggiecatessen, we always say that real food deserves no imitation. This one adage is what keeps us motivated and focused on our responsibility to produce exceptional real food pet nutrition.
As a small family-operated business, to be able to merge our passion for cooking with our love of animals is an absolute privilege. We are grateful everyday to occupy such an intimate position in the food chain of the modern-day pet.

"We believe that food is the essence of life. It nourishes, enlivens and unites us. Food is the universal language that all living beings understand and through sharing of food – we are best able to express our love and gratitude to one another, as well as to our beloved pets."

So, we invite you to join our big extended Doggiecatessen family and make a bold step into a brighter future together.

Andrey and Nadia from Doggiecatessen Homestyle Pet Kitchen  

- Andrey & Nadia from Doggiecatessen Family, 2018.