Doggiecatessen Chicken + Brown Rice Recipe for Dogs

Flavourful, lively, and completely balanced, this Chicken + Brown Rice recipe contains all the nutritional goodness your dog needs to thrive! Chicken and rice for dogs is a classic recipe, but with appropriate, additional supplements, it becomes a proper canine diet! Give it a try and you will discover that our natural chicken meals are packed with protein, which is an essential nutrient for proper muscle maintenance and healthy immune function.
Truly, chicken dog food never tasted so real!
You always have the choice to order the following:
1 week supply (7 food packages)
2 weeks supply (14 food packages)
1 month supply (31 food packages)
Real-Food Topper (contact us for recommendations)
Doggiecatessen homemade dog food is truly the best alternative to kibble and raw diets!