Doggiecatessen Cat Menu

Doggiecatessen Cat Menu offers our popular, hearty Beef + Chicken recipe and our classic, low-fat Tuna + Egg recipe for adult cats. Both recipes are approximately 60% meat /fish by weight as they were formulated for true carnivores! Cats absolutely love these fresh and natural cat food recipes!
All Doggiecatessen homestyle cat food recipes are gently cooked to your order out of fresh, nutritious, people quality ingredients. With each recipe, you have the choice to order: a full 1 Month supply (100% of diet), a 2 Week supply (50% of diet), or a 1 Week supply (25% of diet). We hope that a REAL (pet) FOOD diet will benefit your cat's wellbeing in many tangible ways because...
Real food equals real health and real happiness! Try homemade all-natural cat food today!